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Why learn Hungarian? “After studying the Hungarian language for years, I can confidently conclude that had Hungarian been my mother tongue, it would have been more precious. Simply because through this extraordinary, ancient and powerful language it is possible to precisely describe the tiniest differences and the most secretive tremors of emotions.” - G.B. Shaw Hungary and especially its capital city, Budapest is one of the most visited places in Europe. People often come here as tourists only to find that they would feel like living here. Many students come here as exchange students, and later on they decide to return to Hungary. Also, some people come here to work and stay here for a longer period and settle here. It is very useful to speak Hungarian as Hungarian people are really thankful for your effort to learn their reportedly difficult mother tongue. Work… A lot of foreigners come to this small but beautiful country due to their work. A lot of multinational companies have interests in Hungary so they naturally attract not only Hungarians but people from other countries, too. … and entertainment! It is really hard to list all the beauties and specialties of Hungary. If you are a language learner, even everyday situations such as going to the market place, or visiting some of the famous sights of the country can also become a language lesson where you can unnoticeably pick up useful phrases. Moreover, some great pieces of Hungarian literature are at hand for you to improve your reading and vocabulary. But when you feel like relaxing in an easy way, do not miss visiting an original Hungarian restaurant and get the taste of the wonderful goulash and other Hungarian specialties. When you are all filled with tasty meals, and if you feel brave enough, try our national pride, pálinka. Do you feel like getting started? In our language school we organise Hungarian language courses according to the needs of the students. At beginner levels we use English as a mediating language. In our groups, all nationalities come together, and throughout the playful lessons they soon begin to speak Hungarian, thus leaving the meditating language behind. All our Hungarian courses are speaking-centred. Naturally, you cannot speak without knowing the basics of Hungarian grammar. Our teachers are very experienced in teaching Hungarian, so they are very well aware of the needs of non-native Hungarians So what shall be your first step? Take a look at our offer for group courses. Should you not find what you need, contact the organiser of Hungarian courses so that we can customize our courses based on your needs. Our group courses start with a minimum participants of 4. In special cases we can start the course with less than 4 participants, however, prices will be lifted. In case of individual courses, we can offer other languages as a meditating language.

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A képzés hossza: 50 óra

A képzés várható indulási ideje: 2024-09-24

Jelentkezési határidő: Rugalmas/folyamatos

Jelentkezés helye: Magyarország, 1073 Budapest, Erzsébet körút 7.

Képzés helye: Magyarország, 1073 Budapest, Erzsébet körút 7.

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